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Dear Fellow Wyoming Citizen:

Did you know that Wyoming is only one of a few states which have NOT enacted DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act)?  Until we pass a constitutional amendment, Wyoming citizens are left wondering whether their state will have to recognize same-sex “marriages” decreed legal by liberal judges in other states.   Why do some legislators deem Wyoming women unworthy to receive complete information before deciding to abort their unborn children? Why is there more moral outrage about dog fighting than about protecting the rights of Wyoming’s children?

There is a group of families in Wyoming concerned about these disturbing trends. Wyoming Family Coalition (WFC) is a registered political action committee (PAC) whose goal is to promote traditional family values and constitutional principles.

To accomplish these goals, we need to elect people of integrity, courage, and moral conviction to public office at all levels with specific attention to the Wyoming Legislature.

WFC needs YOU and your acquaintances who want to do something about the direction in which our country is headed, and also about Wyoming’s current secular mindset. The well-known eighteenth-century political philosopher Edmund Burke said, “Evil abounds when good men (people) do nothing.”  It is time that YOU do something to stem this unrighteous tide in our state.  Please add your voices to the many others who have a true vision for a better Wyoming.

Maureen Emrich
Chairman, Wyoming Family Coalition

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    Wyoming Family Coalition champions public policies that guard the sanctity of human life, protect parental rights, ease the tax burden for Wyoming families, and strengthen Judeo-Christian principles

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